Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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More Paint and FRP with a Woodchuck

April, 2019

We had an active week since the last post. Good progress on finishing up the painting in the two Bunkhouses. And the electricians were able to get all the room lights, switched and outlets connected.

Bunkhouse room ready for doors and floors

Philip Loukusa checks the work in one of the rooms

Josh Fuller installs lighting in furnace room. These new high efficiency LED lights should not have to be changed for ten years.

Bright Hallways with new lighting

Aaron Kareniemi painting exterior door

Pat Kareniemi prepares floor in bunkhouse

Work in the bathhouse continued with FRP Installation on ceiling

FRP installed on ceiling in shower room

Jon Aho and son Drew prepare a custom cut sheet of FRP for installation

Completed ceiling in shower room We are now about 90 days away from the first occupants arriving for the new buildings and progress should continue steady as the weather improves and crews are able to get up here easier. As soon as we can finish one of the bunkhouses floors, workers will have a place to sleep. This past week also saw the opening of the other camp buildings that had been closed down for the season. An unexpected visitor was found inside the staff house and did quite a bit of damage as it struggled to get out.

No way out here

Locked in the upper bedroom and couldn’t reach the doorknob

No way out this window either

Tried another window It was eventually trapped and removed to the outdoors where it remains today.

It weren’t no rabbit. A special thanks to the Brainerd cleanup crew who were able to clean up ‘Woodys’ mess and leave the staff house ready for new windows, carpeting and furniture. Thanks again to all who are helping in this project. Without your willing and capable service, it would not be happening. Let’s all thank and pray that God continues to bless this endeavor. God’s Peace,

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