Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Painting the Bunkhouses and Installing FRP

April, 2019

Today is April 1st, and ‘it’s no joke, man’, we are back at it on the SLC Project. This weekend we had 21 guys and gals working on painting the Bunkhouses and installing FRP in the Bathhouse.

Painter Spraying Paint

Evan Bekkala sprays one of the bunkhouse rooms


The bunkhouses are ready for door frames and light fixtures now.

Plumbing and heating

The plumbing and heating systems are nearing completion in all three buildings and the boilers are all installed in the Bathhouse to ensure an adequate supply of hot water. It is a little tight in the mechanical room.

Installing FRP

Doug Forstie installs FRP

Workers taking a break

Taking a break

The next few weeks will be devoted to getting the balance of the FRP installed in the Bathhouse, installing interior doors and hardware, electrical fixtures and sealing the floors in the bunkhouses. All help is appreciated as we rush towards the opening of the camp season. Thanks for your help and thanks to God for blessing this endeavor.

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