Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Phase Two Begins

May, 2018

May 2018 – Phase II Kicks Off


Summer has arrived early here in the North Country. We had no real spring, as the ice left Stony on April 30 and a week later temps were in the 70’s. To quote a famous Prophet from the UP ‘We wait all summer for the snow to come so it’s kinda sad to see it leave so soon.’Along with the warm weather came the start of the Phase II portion of the SLC Renovation Project. Phase I was finished on time and the camp season has started. There are just a few remaining items to finish up likegrading on the north end to bury the septic area.


Brian Keranen, Chris Kumpula, Bob Keranen, Nick Ylitalo and Dave Vonada pondering dirt and reviewing a drainage solution for the west side.

Bob K sets up the laser to get it right.

On the east side, the walkway between levels will be finished over the next couple weeks providing a gradual slope between the two levels.


Phase II includes the construction of two bunkhouses and a bathhouse complex. The work will again be primarily done through volunteer labor with some functions being performed by local contractors (Plumbing/Mechanical and Well).


Staking layout for Bunkhouse/Bathouse complex

During Phase I, your humble blogger was certified as a broom mechanic and spent most of his onsite time cleaning up and preparing for the days work. For Phase II I have been asked to serve as Project Supervisor, a job for which I am entirely unqualified to execute. I think the volunteer pool must be rather shallow, but again, thanks to all for their support and encouragement. With so many talented tradesmen and helpers, it should go smoothly with my role focusing coordinating activities and deliveries.


Construction Kick-off meeting L-R

Neil Waaraniemi, Dave Vonada, Brian Keranen, Dave Loukusa, Ryan Jurmu, Nick Ylitalo, Chris Kumpula, Nate Loukusa, Steve Redman

The kick off meeting for Phase II was held on May 11th in the new dining hall and most of the crew leaders were present along with the SLC Staff and Project Managers. Some clearing has been done where the new buildings will be located and the corners were roughly staked off earlier in the week. Steve Redman had his drone on site so he was able to get some aerial shots as the sun sank in the western sky.

The final grading should be complete this week and the concrete crew from Cokato will start arriving this evening.

I’d like to encourage you to visit the site and perhaps even spend a day working on the project.




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