Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Progress Update

July, 2018

So sorry for not keeping this up to date a little better. A lot has happened since the last post and I will try and get it in the correct order, but things have been really moving well and the participation has been great.

Since we last took a look, the grounds around the building have been graded to provide a little better working area. The foundations have been insulated and backfilled.

The roof deck goes on

Aimo Vaatinen sheaths the gable end on one of bunkhouses.

Shingles ad roofing materials arrive

The roofing materials start to go on and by the end of the day, one of the bunkhouses is all dried in.

Meanwhile, other work continued as part of the Phase I portion of the project.

New septic system at staff house

New A/C units for main building are installed

New A/C for kitchen installed

Upstairs the new sound panel dividers are being installed

The sound panels divide the main room so a smaller classroom environment is available while the main area can be used at the same time. The panels are removable for times when the entire area is being used (Confirmation Sunday).

Ryan Loukusa installs sheathing on Bathhouse

The patio is poured

Quite an audience.

On the east side of the main building, the new walkway and kitchen patio were poured.

On the north end of the main building, a sidewalk was poured.

There is a lot of standing around and waiting until the mud is ready, then it really gets busy.

Someone didn’t realize that concrete takes a little while to set up.

Meanwhile, back at the Phase II site, shingles were going on, housewrap and windows were being installed and electricians were wiring the Bunkhouses.

Cal Kangas wires the Bunkhouse

Phil Loukusa wires the Bunkhouse

How it looks this morning, July 23rd, 2018.

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