Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Project Update

December, 2018

There has been steady progress since the last post with random crews showing up on the weekends to complete some needed tasks before Christmas and the end of the year.

A few lads from the south were able to break away from hunting to come help clean up and move materials one Saturday in November. Max Glynn, Sawyer Skoog, Justin Fredrickson and Derek Hansen (L-R) enjoy a gourmet meal on a break.

A big task this fall was to get the new septic system in for the new bathhouse. Three tanks were placed and a little grading work was completed.

View from north side of the NE Bunkhouse

This last picture is taken from the north side of the new buildings looking south on November 3rd.

Not much happened over the next few weeks, but after Thanksgiving a large crew of more than 30 showed up to do siding, put up plywood in the bathhouse and continue taping the bunkhouses.

Siding the NW Bunkhouse

Siding goes up on the north side of the Bathhouse.

Loukusa siding crew

Jurmu siding crew

Beard Brothers siding crew

NW Bunkhouse nears completion

Back of NW Bunkhouse complete

Inside, plywood was being installed on the rest of the walls in preparation for flooring and later on the FRP installation.

Hendrickson plywood crew

Ashley Ylitalo putting up plywood

Lot of activity on December 1st

Inside the bunkhouses, tapers were busy

Ita Byman applying mud

Parker Muhonen from the Muhonen taping crew

Muhonens everywhere

Dave Wuollet finished off a window return

After the plywood was finished in the bathhouse, the flooring crew from Concrete treatments came to install the epoxy floor. The first stem was to mask off the walls 4 inched above the floor and then grind the floor.

This is the floor in the utility room ready for the first coat.

Sometimes things are overlooked in the earlier stages that need to be rectified later. One such problem was the missing floor drain in the shower room. It had been covered with concrete and the day before the flooring crew showed up it was finally located.

This is how it was located.

Found it!

This is the first coat. The rediscovered and patched floor drain is in front of the middle shower.

After the first coat, the crew from Concrete treatments (Sam, Justin and Arthur) spread colored sand over the floor.

The final coat is then applied

Since there is still a lot of internal work remaining in the bathhouse, we covered the floor with a protective material after 5 days curing so future crews can set their equipment up without damaging the epoxy finish.

There is not much expected to take place over the next couple weeks, but there is still much to do before spring. All of the buildings are heated now and have power. God has blessed us with great weather and willing workers. Thanks for your support.

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