Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Siding Started

September, 2018

A small, but talented, crew started installing siding this past weekend. Jokke Haapsaari, Dave Hillstrom, Nate Jurmu, Eeku Haapsaari and Ryan Jurmu.

Earlier in the week, Elsner Well Drilling put in the new 86’ deep well.

The Haapsaari boys finished up the flashing.

First pieces of siding go up on the bathhouse.

All the flashing was custom cut and formed on site. Here Eeku and Jokke work on a new coil.

South east side of bathhouse complete

East end of bathhouse

Plumbers finished their inside work this past week with the showers now ready for final finishing.

Sheetrock delivered in anticipation of the drywall crew coming on the 15th for installation.

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