Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Trusses Go Up

June, 2018

Blog Post 062618 Trusses Go Up

Friday the 22nd dawned cooler and drier than the previous weekend. By noon we had a couple workers on site to continue with the sheathing on the buildings and preparing for delivery of the trusses.

At the main building, work continued on forming up the patio and concrete walkways which had been rained out the previous weekend,


Monty and Milo Lake work on sidewalk forming while Nick Ylitalo observes.

On the east side, Pat lake preps for the new patio area.


On the west side, a new concrete walkway is formed.

By mid-morning Saturday, the 2nd bunhouse walls were being laid out.


The Cokato team of Koivisto and Keplinger worked on the Bathhouse interior framing as the first trusses arrived and the sun poked out.

First load of trusses arrive

Getting ready to set trusses

Second load of trusses are unloaded

It did not take long for the trusses to be unwrapped and start going up. By 11:30, the first bunkhouse trusses were being set.


Trusses are hand lifted

Meanwhile progress continued on the 2nd bunkhouse as the walls were lifted.

After the walls went up, the sheating crew started.


Phil Johnson, Tom and Ryan Skoog get ready to start plywood sheathing.

First bunkhouse has all trusses in place

By late afternoon, trusses on second bunkhouse are going up.

2nd Bunkhouse trusses lifted into place

As the day ended, all trusses for the two bunkhouses are in place and its time for a swim.

Progress has been great and so many willing workers have come. The kitchen staff had been great in keeping the crews fed and coffee’d.



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