Stony Lake Camp Renovation

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Walls Go Up

June, 2018

First Walls Go Up

I have no doubt that you are tired of hearing me say ‘it was a busy weekend at the camp’ and after this weekend, I will refrain from using it again (at least for awhile) as we had multiple activities going on at the same time.A music camp was ending Friday as the first workers showed up to start staging materials, setting up the trailers and unwrapping the lumber.

Sean starts staging materials.

The concrete which had been poured the previous weekend had to be cut.

Ryan Jurmu cuts the concrete.

The local utility installed the power service earlier in the week and the electrician provided a couple of outlets so we did not have to use the generators.

Electric Service

In the late afternoon Friday, a family camp started and more workers arrived from Southern Minnesota to complete form stripping and start framing activities.

Dave Hillstrom


By evening, a number of framing components had been cut and staged for assembly. It was cloudy and humid, but the lake provided a refreshing evening break before bedtime.

It looks pretty dry in these pictures, but that all changed on Saturday when the balance of the weekend framing crew arrived, the family camp was in full operational mode, the Lake-Alajoki Concrete team was on-site for some form building by the main building and the Stony Lake Property Association held its annual picnic/meeting. I can’t quite remember the exact sequence of events, but we received over 2 inches of rain before noon and another inch plus in the afternoon.

Despite the rain, the first walls went up before noon.

First wall on bunkhouse is up.

Walls on Bathhouse are built.

Jim Jurmu is supervised by one of the helpers.


Bathhouse walls are built


While all this activity was going on, the Stony Lake Property Owners Association had its luncheon and meeting in the main building. The SLPA has been using Stony Lake Camp for this annual event for over 10 years now and the membership appreciates the use of the facility and likes having the camp on the lake.

Approx 50 people attended the lunch and meeting.

Upstairs, Association President Greg Johnson conducts the business portion of the event.

Part of the program included a presentation by Doug Kinglsey, a Minnesota DNR Fisheries Manager on a 2017 study of Stony Lake.


Meanwhile between rainstorms and lunch breaks, the construction team continued to pound away on the project. No one melted from the rain, but the building pads were surrounded by moats of muddy water.

Bathhouse walls go up

Interior walls go up


Ready for sheathing

While the walls were going up on the bathhouse, Bruce and Brent started sheathing the bunkhouse.

Cutting station

Bathhouse interior walls go up

Bunkhouse interior walls are up

Sheathing bathhouse

Pretty much done for the day. One of the remarkable things about the ground at SLC is that even after more than 3 inches of rain in a couple hour period, the water is pretty much gone as the sandy soil takes it in.


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