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  • Martin Luther A Faithful Servant of God

    Martin Luther is known in history as a great reformer, teacher, preacher, writer, amd hymn writer, to mention a few of his God-given duties. This book tells the story of how God called Martin Luther to His kingdom, and how He used Luther as a faithful tool to bring the message of salvation in Jesus Christ to the people of Germany in the 16th century. This period, called "the Reformation," is brought to life in the text, illustrations, songs, and accompanying reading on CD of "Martin Luther: A Faithful Servant of God." The story tells about Martin Luther's childhood, education, family, and life in general. Luther's story, that of God's grace to a penitent sinner, still speaks to us today, centuries after the Reformation that God assigned Luther to lead.
    Author: Mandy Frantti - Illustrator: Liisa Koski

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