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  • The Patrician's Daughter

    This book is a translation of Kirsti Vilkama's Finnish book, Patriisin Tytär, published by the SRK in 1991. Though intended primarily for young people, the book will be enjoyed by young and old alike. The editor of the original work, Erkki Piri, writes in a foreward; Kirsti Vilkama has written a book for the young that has characters who live in Ancient Rome in the magnificent empire's capital. There Christian fait spreads in the shadow of persecution. The author says, "My secondary school history teacher's stories of the persecution of Christians had a great effect on me. I admired the Christians who received power to confess Christ even in the face of death. Life in late Ancient Rome captured my imagination. Already as a girl, I wrote stories in my mind that were linked to that time. When I myself found God's kingdom, I realized that confessing faith in the midst of persecution was possible only with God-given power. The period of the Roman Christians began to live in a new way. Little by little the tale of the patrician's daughter was born. I would be happy if this book were to convey to our young that the kingdom of God is secure and the same in all times."

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