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  • The Storms Will Cease

    The Storms Will Cease is a translation of Erkki Reinikainen's book Myrskyt lakkaavat. It covers a variety of topics for people of all ages and all situations in life. The book is organized into three main categories: articles, sermons, and presentations. Section 1: Increase Our Faith; • Contains 21 articles on topics such as: temptation, weariness, pride, slander, lust, and old age. • These articles instruct and comfort God's children. Section 2: Summer Services Sermons; • A collection of sermons kept by Erkki Reinikainen at various summer services in Finland from 1956 to 1983. Section 3; Presentations; • Section contains three presentations given by Reinikainen;The Endeavor discusses signs of the last times and concerns of parents and young people. •The Time of Youth is a Time of Hope and Waiting discusses the time of youth and its concerns. •The Sound Doctrine covers basic doctrinal tenets of living Christianity. Hardcover, 224 pages - Publisher: LLC

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