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  • An Iron Pillar and Brazen Wall (epub)

    This book tells about the prophet Jeremiah’s life and prophecy leading up to and during the Babylonian conquest and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC. It also tells of times of war, captivity, hardship, and God’s judgments on the unfaithful and idolatrous, whom Jeremiah called to repentance. Sam Roiko translated the text from Tapio Holma’s original Finnish book (SRK 2011). With SRK’s permission and support, the Laestadian Lutheran Church has published this book for the benefit of English speaking children and adults as well. This book will be a valuable spiritual and instructional resource at home, in Sunday school, Day Circle, and at youth camps. Author Tapio Holma, illustrator Lassi Kaikkonen, and translator Sam Roiko have brought this Old Testament account to life for children in North America and wherever English is used.

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