Äiti! Mother!

In the Light of the Home Birches

January 1, 2018

I am in a rush. I’m hurrying to get one child dressed, making a sandwich for another, and a third one asks me to listen to him review his multiplication tables. “Where are my socks?” someone asks. And as though following the script of “Virtanen’s Morning,” one of the little boys spills his milk. The youngest still only has a diaper on when others are in their snowsuits.

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March 1, 2018

The mid-summer evening is cool and bright. The highway feels endless. Only a few moments ago I became the mother of a little girl, and my mind cannot handle it without bouncing between various emotions! Joy, apprehension, and confusion alternate.

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Everyone Has Their Own Story: A Long Journey to Motherhood

April 4, 2018

It’s hard to say when the journey began. It began maybe years, even decades ago, and there is no end to the journey in sight. I became a mother when my children were born. Two years after that moment, I still don’t fully understand what motherhood is. As my children grow, the meaning changes.

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There Is a Blessing in Children

May 1, 2018

Mom, did you order those shoes for me? What’s for dinner? Mom! Come look at this homework. My friend has been waiting outside for a half an hour! Why didn’t you make rice porridge? I’ve asked for it so many times! Mom, check if my teacher posted information about the celebration! Where’s the newest comic? Moooom, he’s teasing! Mom, isn’t it my turn to play the piano?

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This Family Is Not Too Small

June 1, 2018

My husband and I browse family photos, digital ones and paper ones. Our only daughter’s wedding is coming up soon, and we’re planning a slideshow to play in the background while we present our family program. I think about how it will work in practice. The groom’s family of seventeen will be there, and no matter how we count it, there will be just the two of us. I call my sister to ask if she would come to be a part of the family, and she readily agrees. In fact, we are kind of like one family; it even feels like we share our children.

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