Along Life's Way

Life’s Patchwork Quilt

December 1, 2017

For me, the season of Advent and Christmas always brings with it a mixture of thoughts and emotions. The excitement and joy seen in children’s eyes and bright smiles is contagious! In the evenings, peaceful Christmas music lulls tired little ones to sleep. Then, when the household has quietened, memories sometimes seep into my heart—floating, pulling, tugging, bringing a smile, a tear, a sigh.

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God Knows Why

January 1, 2018

It all started about two years ago when I went to the doctor. He asked me several questions that made me think that I had inherited thyroid problems from my grandfather. He examined my neck, felt something strange, and then recommended an ultrasound. Later that same day I had it done, accompanied by my mother. The doctor confirmed that he had found some nodules in my thyroid. Things then happened quickly one after the other. After several more tests I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

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