Not Shortchanged

September 1, 2021

“She was nine days short of her forty-third birthday,” Dad used to say when asked how old his wife, my mother, was when she passed away. Everyone said, “She was so young!” though at eleven years of age, forty-three didn’t seem so young to me. Now I have a son older than she was at her passing, and I too say she was so young.

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Like a Stream

May 1, 2021

Is time something we have control over? We often think we do. It is valuable; therefore, we have our calendars and reminders, timers and stopwatches. Time moves on, like a stream, fast forward, it seems. We are on a journey through the time that has been given to each of us whether long, short, rough or smooth. However, we are not holding the controls, even if we would wish to. Here in what may be called mid-life, I recall that once there was a time when I really thought the ‘pause’ button had jammed.

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God Will Wipe away All Tears

October 1, 2020

Working on this issue of the Voice of Zion has impacted the Communications staff deeply. We found ourselves discussing the selected theme, grief and loss, on a daily and extended basis. With each article, some detail reminded us of a time in our lives when death was close and oppressive. We relived pain, and for some of us, we experienced grief that had been repressed for years.

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