Mission Work

Digital Leap in LLC Mission Work in Ecuador

November 1, 2020

In recent years, professional life has been attempting to take a so-called digital leap towards greater use of digital technology: for distance working, online meetings, video conference calls and conference gatherings online. Yet some people have been somewhat hesitant to take this digital leap. This is mostly due to one’s own technical skills and a lack of knowledge of technical equipment. For the past few years, I have been involved in LLC mission work in Ecuador as an interpreter. Services have been organized on-site in Ecuador. There were generally trips every six to eight weeks. Mission trips like this were the only format we knew.

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A Visit with Believers in The Gambia

September 1, 2020

My trip to Africa was an enjoyable experience. I traveled there on a January 2020 mission trip with Brian Johnson and his son Richard. We were picked up by hosts who made the experience of meeting the believers in The Gambia relaxing. A nice surprise was that the believers understood and spoke English. We could communicate easily, and they were able to continually share different things with us along the way.

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Mission Work Field Notes

October 1, 2018

​What is like to serve in the work of Christianity in Africa? Togolese builder and speaker-brother Nicolas Deh tells about smoothing rough edges in African Christianity’s work fields and how the work of God’s Kingdom has become established in western Africa. Adapted from Siionin Lähetyslehti, September 2018.

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Mission Work Field Notes

January 1, 2019

A faith as precious as ours: this phrase precisely describes our experiences on our trip to North America in October, 2018. These words are Peter’s. He wrote to those who through righteousness had received an identical, precious faith. Now we had the opportunity to visit on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and see for ourselves that the Holy Spirit effects the same faith and doctrine in different parts of the globe. Our trip consisted of innumerable encounters with different people, twenty service events, a communion service during three-day fall services, ministers and wives camp, visits and an LLC Board meeting. These all happened in 15 localities in three states and one province.

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God’s Love Calls, Teaches

September 1, 2019

On my recent LLC mission trip to Ghana and Togo I was joined by a fellow Canadian, Ari Mikkola, now of Haapajärvi, Finland. We both arrived on Good Friday evening in Lomé, Togo and began our visits with the congregations on Saturday morning. At those first services, two services guests received the grace of repentance. I marveled at the simple instruction given to them by the lady who hosted services. She had only recently been granted grace to believe and the most important matter that she wished to share with them was to remember to use the gospel. She didn’t want them to just wait for the ministers to come to hear the gospel, but to preach it to each other in daily life.

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God Sows the Seed

January 1, 2020

Olli Rantala, of Siilinjärvi, Finland, and I felt great joy after our Togo and Ghana mission trip in early October, 2019. Our dear heavenly Father had prepared hearts there to receive the precious water of life unto undying souls. We pray that the seed that is sown takes root and thrives till that day the ripened sheaves are harvested and taken to the granaries of heaven.

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