Music Notes

A Lamb Goes Forth: A Listening Guide

April 1, 2019

Musicians from congregations across southern Minnesota recently recorded an album, A Lamb Goes Forth, at the Elk River church, which is now available for purchase in congregation bookstores or on the LLC website. It is also available online wherever you buy or stream your digital albums, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc. This album includes excerpts of songs which take listeners on a journey through Christ’s suffering and death. The music reflects each stage of Passion Week. Aaron Wuollet explains the thought process behind the album order and song selection in the following Listening Guide.

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Season of Special Music

November 1, 2019

First Advent Sunday is only a few weeks away, so we can start thinking of music on that theme to listen to and sing in our homes. In our hymnal, the first eleven songs are Advent songs. Two of them are special to me. The first of these is, fittingly, song number 1: Hosanna, Son of David. This song has a captivating melody and lots of repeats. Even little children seem to learn it quickly and sing it festively. It helps that the words are easy and repeat often. In the words and soaring melody, it is easy to imagine the crowd in Jerusalem clamoring for Jesus as He rode a donkey through the city. When this song is sung at church on First Advent Sunday, there is a jubilant feeling: the new church year is starting! The Christmas season begins and we are reminded of the hope of heaven we have through Jesus’ work.

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