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Rockford’s Ninth Graders Teach Sunday School for a Day

February, 2020

“Can we do it again next week?” the ninth-grader enthusiastically replied when I asked him how his teaching session went. Since kids often learn best when engaged in interactive activities, what better way to get a hands-on experience than to have our ninth-grade students teach kindergartners and first graders!

At the same time, this could teach our teenage students valuable lessons: be role models to the younger ones, have opportunity to learn and study God’s Word from a teacher’s perspective, and ultimately prepare them to become active members of the congregation.

In November, students in the Rockford, Minn. congregation took on a Sunday school teacher’s role and taught a lesson to the kindergarten and first grade classes. The kindergarten lesson focused on prayer with the story of Jonah and the whale, while the first-grade lesson was based on thankfulness and the story of Noah.

It was a beautiful scene to see ninth-graders animatedly use the gifts and talents they received from our Heavenly Father to plan, create and teach their lessons led by the same Spirit that unites us all. Those that taught said the smaller students were observant and wanted to listen and participate.

Student teachers tell how their lessons went:

Kate L.: I taught a kindergarten class. It was fun and different than a normal Sunday school class. These little kindergartners are just learning these stories and are interested in them. I would like to do it again sometime. 

Abby O.: I taught kindergarten and really enjoyed it. I learned that small kids are attentive and excited to learn.

Claire H.: I taught kindergarten. It was cool to reverse my role for a day and teach instead of learning. I could see the story from a young child’s point of view.

Erica F.: I taught first grade. I enjoyed being able to talk to the students and see what they think of the story. I looked at the story differently and didn’t just listen and forget.

Sydney M.: Teaching first graders was fun, I would love to do it again. I learned that they’re very smart and fun to talk to.

Damon A.: First graders are good listeners. One student asked, “How many of each kind of animal went on Noah’s ark?” A follow-up question was: “Were they boys or girls?”

Elle K.: I taught first graders about thankfulness. It was really fun to teach them, I learned that they’re really smart and funny.
It was a learning experience for me too. 

With cheerful hearts and minds, may we all learn from our Sunday school students to serve God’s kingdom by using the gifts He has given us and be willing workers in His congregation.

A child often teaches us, how we should be believing. A small one playing has the care of angel hosts unsleeping (SHZ 558:1).

Becca Edwards

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