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Annual Services

The LLC sponsors annual national worship service events, the largest being Winter Services and Summer Services.

Summer Services


Summer Services are held annually around the United States 4th of July holiday. The weekend events also include LLC Board Meetings, a Ministers and Board Members meeting, a Youth Presentation, and the LLC Annual Meeting. The services are held in different geographic areas each year. The schedule for future year’s Summer Services is as follows:

2023 Summer Services, East-Central (Monticello) || July 6–9

2024 Summer Services, Northwest (Longview) || July 4–7

2025 Summer Services, Northwest (Saskatchewan) || July 3–6

2026 Summer Services, East-Central (Menahga) || July 2–5

2027 Summer Services, East-Central (Toronto) || July 1–4

2028 Summer Services, East-Central (Elk River) || June 29–July 2

Winter Services


Winter Services are hosted annually by the Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church, with assistance from the other area congregations.

2023 Winter Services || March 16-19

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