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Confirmation Day 2:
God, the Triune God

Day 2, Lesson 3: The Bible, God's Written Word


God reveals His will in the Bible; The Bible is a Holy Book needing the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to open understanding

Learning Outcome

Give an example of how God reveals His will in the Bible.

Confirmation Exercise Questions
  • #7. Where did the Scriptures come from? Holy men of God spoke and wrote as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • #8. What is the main message of the Old Testament? The promise of the coming Messiah, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • #9. What is the main message of the New Testament? The fulfilment of the Old Testament promise concerning Christ.

  • #14. The living Word of God is compared to a two edged sword. What are the two edges? The Law and the Gospel

Reference Material

Booklet Song:

The Lord has given us His Word / That we may learn of Him. / A precious book He gave to say / We may be free from sin. (SHZ 446 v.1)

Booklet Text:

Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. (2 Peter 1:20,21)

Additional Reference Material


Scripture: Eph. 6:17; Gal. 1:8; Ps. 119:105; 12:6; Isa. 40:8; Jer. 23:29; John 12:48; Rom. 2:16; John 14:26; 1 Cor. 2:10-14; Eph. 1:17; 3:15; 1 Pet. 1:12; 2 Pet. 1:20,21; John 5:39


  • Lesson 1.1


  • While God speaks to us in nature, the fate of our lives, and the phases of nations, He especially speaks to us in Holy Scripture and our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

  • Holy Scripture is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is thus God’s own word.

  • The Bible is not an encyclopedia of history, the world, and nature and its phenomena, but rather the revelation of God's works for the redemption and salvation of man.

  • The Bible speaks of God. Pictures and narratives attempt to illustrate what God is like. • The Bible is Christian faith and life's highest guide.

  • The Bible is a closed book that is opened by the Holy Spirit. It is to be read with prayer.

  • Students will be able to use the Bible and want to study it daily.

  • Students will become acquainted with Jesus’ teachings by reading together or individually one of the gospels during confirmation school.


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