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Confirmation Day 3:
Jesus, the Son of God

Day 3, Lesson 5: Courtship & Marriage, He Made Them Male and Female


Marriage is a life-long union ordained by God between a man and a woman - a help suitable for each other; Through marriage God fulfills His creation work according to His will

Learning Outcome

Explain how God established marriage for the benefit of mankind.

Confirmation Exercise Questions
  • None

Reference Material

Booklet Song:

You made us for each other, God, / You gave us one another. / Oh, may our hearts abide in love / That each would serve the other. (SHZ 253 v.1)

Booklet Text:

Charity suffereth long, and is kind (1 Cor. 13:4)

Additional Reference Material


Gen. 1:26-28; 2:23,24; Exod. 20:14; Matt. 5:28; John 8:1-11; Rom. 1:22-27; 1 Cor. 6:9,15,16,18-20; 7:1,2,7-9; 10:8; Gal. 5:19; Eph. 5:5; 1 John 2:16; Prov. 18:22; 19:14; 31:10-12; Matt. 19:5; 1 Cor. 13; Eph. 5:22-33; 6:1-4; Col.3:18-21; 2; Tim. 2:22; Eph. 4:32


  • Lessons 7.3, 7.4, 9.6


  • Marriage is instituted and ordained by God; this union only ends with the death of one spouse.

  • The purpose of marriage is to receive a help “meet”, and for procreation.

  • In God's creation man and woman are equal, although they are different.

  • The unmarried and single state are just as worthy roles and forms of life as the married state.

  • Understand the purpose of courtship and how a believer conducts him/herself in courtship avoiding temptation (for example, by listening to God's Word, discussing our temptations with other believers, caring for our conscience, choosing a sincerely believing group of friends, etc.)

  • Understand what are the most important characteristics in a life's companion.

  • Student will feel responsibility in the matters of love and courtship and understand that God forgives sins and failing in this area also.

  • Student will recognize the outward and inward prerequisites for establishing a family.


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