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Confirmation Day 7:
Mission Work: Go Ye Therefore and Teach All Nations

Day 7, Lesson 3: Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC)


The mission and role of the LLC; Primary forms of work used by the LLC

Learning Outcome

Describe my calling as a believer within the Laestadian Lutheran Church.

Confirmation Exercise Questions
  • None

Reference Material

Booklet Song:

Gracious Lord, You give to us / Duties in Your congregation; / May we take them all as gifts, / Gifts that You in love have given. / May we serve the congregation, / With respect, consideration. (SHZ 414 v.1)

Booklet Text:

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (Genesis 2:15)

Additional Reference Material


Gen. 2:15


  • Lesson 5.3


  • All believers “are the Laestadian Lutheran Church (LLC)”.

  • The LLC office supports the needs of the believers, as directed through the Annual Meeting each year. Congregation delegates represent their congregation members at this meeting.

  • Student will understand why the Laestadian Lutheran Church was established.

  • Student will understand the importance of financially supporting the work in God’s Kingdom


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