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Death Recognition Form

Many LLC congregations have adopted the practice of announcing deaths and singing in memory of the deceased. The LLC has developed a death notification form to provide a reliable and convenient way to share the news of an individual’s death with member congregations. The form includes relevant information about the deceased and his or her funeral.


Guidelines for use:

  • We recommend that the pastor that will officiate at the deceased’s funeral completes and submits the form or assigns someone to complete and submit the form. Once the form has been submitted it will be sent to LLC member congregations.

  • When possible, submit the form at least one or two days before the Sunday preceding the deceased’s funeral. If that is not possible, submit the form as soon as possible following the death.

  • Each congregation may use this information in accord with its own death notification practice.

  • We have also included sample death announcements for reference.

Death Recognition Form

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