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Ministers Message


Jesus Converses

Epistle Postil

Jesus and Martha

Second Sunday After Epiphany

Jesus and Parents

Vigilance Sunday

Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

Thanks for Gifts

God's Command and the Tradition of the Elders

The Law of Love

Christian Freedom and the Law's Slavery

Awaiting the Holy Spirit

Resurrection Deniers

Jesus Christ-The Bread of Life

Appointing a Missionary

Jesus Helps in Distress

A Question about Tax Money

Christ, the Lord of the Universe

Shattering the Righteousness of the Law

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Dispute With Family

Serving the Lord

The Dinner Host and the Uninvited Guest

As a Citizen of Heaven in This World

Discourse on the Need for New Birth

Jesus, the Victor over Evil's Power

Old Testament Metaphors
The High Priest
The Priesthood of Aaron
The Priesthood of Melchizedek
Sacrifices in the Old Testament
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