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Do Not Webcast Song List

When choosing songs, song leaders and organists should make sure they are not choosing songs that are in Do Not Webcast list for times when the broadcast is live. Often times the pre-service song and the closing songs are not webcast, so the placement of the song may allow you to sing the listed songs. Coordinate with your service director and webcaster as needed.

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Song Leading Workshop September 2021

This video shows part of an actual lesson kept this fall for Elk River congregation song leaders. In this 15-minute excerpt, workshop leader Ben Huhta talks about e.g. pronunciation, breathing, preparing for higher notes and singing through long notes. Have your songbook handy when you follow along.

Song Leaders & Organist Workshop - June 30, 2020

Introduction to Organ

Hymn Introductions

Hymn Playing

Music in Congregation Life

This is intended for music committee members. If you should have access to this folder and don't, contact

This is intended for local choir directors. If you have an LLC choir and don't have access to this folder, contact

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