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Opisto Scholarship Program

In cooperation with its sister organization, the SRK in Finland, the LLC provides 14 scholarships annually for students to attend three different cultural/folk schools called "opistos." The three schools are located in Jämsä, Ranua, and Reisjärvi, Finland. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the LLC Scholarship Selection Committee and approved by the LLC Board of Directors. Hundreds of students have participated in the program since its inception in 1982.

Students have benefited from Laestadian Lutheran faith-based teaching, an opportunity to study the Finnish language and culture, and learning practical topics in academics, craft and trades, and music. Member LLC congregations often participate in the support of students, and places are also available for students who pay their own way.

To learn more about the Opisto Scholarship Program, please contact Ruth DeLacey ( for further details.

Opisto Websites
Would you like to apply for an opisto scholarship?



1.  Download the application to your own computer
2.  C
hange the file name to include your first and last name. 
3.  Complete the application on your computer and remember to save it. 
4.  Email the completed application and all letters of reference to


Applications are due May 15. If you have any questions about the application or the process of applying, please be in touch!

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