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A Golden Vessel is LLC’s first book of poetry. It is a collection of 85 poems relating to the anthology’s section themes titled faith, hope, love, and heaven. It is a very meaningful and inspiring collection of believing, North American poets’ work. The contributors are both women and men and of a variety of ages—one of the poets has already gained the eternal victory. Many poems were drawn from Voice of Zion, Shepherd’s Voice, and Christmas in Zion. Editor Alexandra Glynn has worked closely with the LLC staff to find, select, and thematically arrange the poems. She encouraged poets to send in their unpublished poems. May this sampling of North American believers' poetry help readers see faith, hope, love, and our destination, heaven in even clearer focus through the beautiful imagery in A Golden Vessel. May the book also inspire more poets to write. Softcover, 112 pages

A Golden Vessel

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