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Hundreds of people – young and old – gathered for the 2016 Laestadian Lutheran Winter Services in Cave Creek, Arizona. You can hear and feel the energy in the congregation as they sing songs and hymns throughout the service weekend. Several organists and song leaders lead the congregation in these songs over the three-day event.


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01 From Dark Gethsemane Ascend SHZ 286

02 We Bless Thy Name, Immanuel SHZ 165

03 I Need Your Word of Grace Each Day SHZ 300

04 How Boundless, Lord, Is Your Measure of Grace SHZ 296

05 Jerusalem, God's Zion SHZ 188

06 Have Mercy, Dear Jesus, for Strait Is the Way SHZ 411

07 Oh, Remember, Lord Most Holy SHZ 182

08 My Soul Shall Praise You SHZ 328

09 He Cometh Soon, My Jesus SHZ 144

10 Jesus Dwells Among His Own SHZ 294

11 The Grace of God Abundant SHZ 192

12 Now I Thank Thee, Jesus SHZ 284

13 Praise to the Lord SHZ 332

14 Thank You, Lord, for All Your Blessings SHZ 351

15 Now Our Worship, Sweet Is O'er SHZ 210

16 Heavenly Father, God of All SHZ 510

17 For All Thy Gifts I Thank Thee, Lord SHZ 241


17 Songs

Recording Venue: Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church, Cave Creek, Arizona

Published July 2016

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2016

CD #41 A Stronghold Sure & Mighty

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