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A beautiful chorus of young voices accompanied by piano is captured in this album, which was recorded during the LLC Peace Garden Youth Days in September, 2016.


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01 Now as Thy Children Gather Here SHZ 156

02 Jesus Said to His Disciples SHZ 185

03 Yea, as I Live, the Father Says SHZ 409

04 My Heart Is Longing for Christian Love SHZ 207

05 Cast All Your Care and Sorrow SHZ 391

06 I Long to See My Travel Friends SHZ 191

07 Clouds Obscure the Shining Sun SHZ 388

08 Listen, Loved One, God Is Calling SHZ 141

09 Hasten, Beloved, for Mercy Is Calling SHZ 406

10 There Is a Home Where Earthly Storms SHZ 580

11 O Father, Guide Our Nation's People SHZ 533

12 We Are Traveling Home to Heaven SHZ 542

13 Jesus, in Thy Gracious Kingdom SHZ 231

14 For All Thy Gifts I Thank Thee, Lord SHZ 241

15 Oh, Look at the Bird SHZ 341

16 Joyful Voices Clearly Ringing SHZ 430

17 Blest Be the Tie that Binds SHZ 219

18 Within Thy Wings Enfold Me SHZ 508


18 Songs

Recording Venue: International Peace Garden

Published July 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017


CD #46 As Thy Children Gather

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