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You are young. You live the life that you have been given. Live passionately! Live beautifully! Live in such a way that you value yourself, your friends, parents, siblings, and those close to you says this book preface. Through 34 powerful topical essays it encourages young believers to hold on to faith, their greatest gift. It exhorts them to choose correctly, when offered two options; to choose the one that carries one even beyond death, all the way to heaven. The writings also call a lost one to come back to where faith gives security to youth, to elders, to the middle-aged, to children, to everyone. At the crossroads of choosing; A book for the young is translated from the original SRK Finnish version. May the writings and their poignant portrayals of the believing young person endeavor and challenges also encourage English-speaking youths, parents, and all of us. Paperback, 176 pages

At the Crossroads of Choosing

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