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Singing for 2020 LLC Online Summer Services.


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1. The Summer in Sweet Splendor SHZ 526

2. On a Rock Securely Founded SHZ 205

3. Saints of God Have Peace Forever SHZ 140

4. Worship and Blessing to Our Heavenly Father SHZ 238

5. O Jesus, Born to Save Us All SHZ 271

6. O Dear Redeemer, King of Grace SHZ 301

7. Triump, Ye Heavens! SHZ 336

8. I Hear Your Voice SHZ 410

9. I Am Not Too Little SHZ 449

10. Oh, Look at the Bird SHZ 341

11. Little Children, Sing for Jesus SHZ 450

12. Jesus Love Me SHZ 451

13. Care for Us, O God of Grace SHZ 377

14. Joy in Heaven, Joy SHZ 587

15. Lord, As I Close My Eyes to Rest SHZ 512


15 Songs

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River

Published July 2020

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2020

CD #60 Care for Us, O God of Grace

Excluding Sales Tax
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