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Time to Sing! with organ, flute and violin.


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1. Jesus, Friend, to You I Call SHZ 464

2. Our Morning Sun of Beauty SHZ 120

3. Oh, Look at the Bird SHZ 341

4. Friend of Children, God's Dear Son SHZ 455

5. Children of the Heavenly Father SHZ 395

6. Now I Thank Thee, Jesus SHZ 284

7. All Glory Praise and Honor SHZ 73

8. God With All His Angels SHZ 457

9. O Friend of Children, Jesus Dear SHZ 137

10. There Are Treasures for Children SHZ 448

11. In His Arms the Loving Shepherd

12. Little Hands I Fold Together SHZ 466

13. Good and Gracious Lord SHZ 431

14. When Crossing the Wilderness SHZ 469

15. The Sun Is Setting

16. As the Evening Settles Down

17. Night Falls Again SHZ 509

18. Lord, As I Close My Eyes to Rest SHZ 512


18 Songs

Director: Ben Huhta

Recording Venue: Menahga Laestadian Lutheran Church

Published January 2010

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2010

CD #27 Children Sing of Their Friend-1, Time to Sing!

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