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Songs sung by children from the book 'Time to Sing!'.


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1. Jesus, Friend of Children, Dear SHZ 456

2. Dearest Jesus, Help Thy Children SHZ 444

3. A Child Often Teaches Us SHZ 558

4. O Jesus, Keep Our Children SHZ 428

5. O Jesus, Lift Us SHZ 459

6. Hear the Little Songbird Sing SHZ 462

7. Heavenly Father, You Have Raised Me SHZ 458

8. Like Boughts That Bear Abundance SHZ 420

9. On This Blest Baptismal Day SHZ 224

10. Jesus Christ, I Trust in You SHZ 443

11. I Am Jesus' Little Lamb SHZ 452

12. When You With a Believeing Heart SHZ 461

13. The Pathway of a Child of God SHZ 470

14. Jesus, Shield Us From All Harm SHZ 422

15. I Turn My Gaze Unto Heaven on High SHZ 453

16. There Is a Land SHZ 101

17. Down the Heavenly Angel Came SHZ 111

18. Oh, Don't You Remember SHZ 99


18 Songs

Director: Ben Huhta

Recording Venue: Menahga Laestadian Lutheran Church

Published January 2010

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2010

CD #28 Children Sing of Their Friend-2, Time to Sing!

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