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This collection of songs, recorded in southern Minnesota under Ben Huhta’s direction, reflect on the Bible verse “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). The music, done by a variety of choirs and instruments, causes one to pause to think about our daily work, the spiritual work in God’s kingdom, and the eternal rest that awaits us in heaven.


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01 Come All That Labor Unto Me SHZ 398

02 Praise God, O Zion! SHZ 202

03 O Lord, You Call Your Fishermen SHZ 468

04 By Tender Goodness SHZ 540

05 Oh, What Bliss, Beyond All Measure SHZ 579

06 The Souls Who Journey Weeping SHZ 557

07 Only My Jesus Dear SHZ 318

08 Come Abide with Me, Dear Lord Jesus SHZ 499

09 The Man Is Blest SHZ 175

10 O Jesus, Joy and Safety SHZ 380

11 I Find in Zion Peace and Rest SHZ 321

12 I'll Stand Before My Bridegroom SHZ 583

13 Our God Gives a Heavenly Treasure SHZ 489

14 O Beloved Home in Heaven SHZ 599

15 Safe in the Arms of Jesus SHZ 594

16 Fires Leave Their Cinders Flaring in the Dark SHZ 189

17 O God, Be with Us SHZ 507a

18 Into the Stream of Time Again SHZ 505

19 Thank You, Lord, for All Your Blessings SHZ 351


19 Songs

Director: Ben Huhta

Recording Venue: Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas, University of St Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota

Published January 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017

CD #47 Come All That Labor Unto

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