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Congregation singing at 2013 Phoenix Winter Services.


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1. O Lord, Thy Spirit's Light Impart SHZ 399

2. Thank You, Father SHZ 344a

3. God Himself Is Present SHZ 153

4. By Tender Goodness SHZ 540

5. Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Nation SHZ 330

6. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus SHZ 340

7. We Praise Thy Tender, Giving Love SHZ 256

8. Jesus, Gentle Shepherd, Keep Me SHZ 375

9. Lord, Bless This Home SHZ 432

10. My Beautiful Home Is in Heaven SHZ 574

11. The Lord's My Shepherd SHZ 371

12. We Plow the Fields SHZ 530

13. My Eternal Home Is Heaven SHZ 563

14. O Lamb of God SHZ 604

15. Good and Gracious Lord SHZ 431

16. Dear Lord, Another Day Has Come to End SHZ 513

17. To Our Blest Creator SHZ 353


17 Songs

Recording Venue: Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church, Cave Creek, Arizona

Published Date July 2013

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2013

CD #38 Come Before His Presence With Singing

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