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In this two-CD set, professional cantors Lea Waaraniemi and Pauliina Hyry play 27 entire-hymn selections from LLC's new hymnal on pipe organ. The CD has multiple purposes: to praise God with the music of many of Zion's hymns, for uplifting listening enjoyment, to teach newer or unfamiliar tunes, and to serve as accompaniment for small congregation or group singing. Commissioned by LLC, the music was recorded by Tapani Salo in the Espoo, Finland, RY and produced in Minnesota.


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01 Sing to God for He Is gracious SHZ 67

02 O Redeemer, Shepherd Loving SHZ 75

03 O Brother, Sister, Lift Your Heart SHZ 81

04 Oh, What Precious Balm and Healing SHZ 87

05 Behold the Tender Bridegroom SHZ 90

06 Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord SHZ 125

07 The Day Is Surely Drawing Near SHZ 148

08 Father, Bless Our Sons and Daughters SHZ 246

09 Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice SHZ 272

10 Shall I Not to God Sing Praises SHZ 279

11 I Trust, O Christ, in You Alone SHZ 308

12 O God, as Heaven Sings SHZ 323

13 Oh, Come All Ye to God SHZ 325

14 God Is Our Maker SHZ 326

15 Our Hearts and Souls, O Father SHZ 350

16 I Long For Thee With All My Heart SHZ 373

17 We Are Blessed, Truly Blessed SHZ 381

18 Come All That Labor Unto Me SHZ 398

19 Lord of Glory, Lord of Heaven SHZ 412

20 Our God Gives a Heavenly Treasure SHZ 489

21 Oh, Morning of Mercy and Blessing Anew SHZ 492

22 Earth and Heaven Tell His Glory SHZ 518

23 When Warming Summer Days Arrive SHZ 528

24 When Jesus, Through Faith, Is My Savior SHZ 549

25 The Souls Who Journey Weeping SHZ 557

26 I Walk In Danger All The Way SHZ 585

27 Joy in Heaven, Joy SHZ 587


27 Songs

Recording Venue: Espoo Rauhanyhdistys, Espoo, Finland

Published January 2010

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2010

CD #29 From Earth the Anthem Rings: Hymns on Organ

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