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This collection of songs speaks of friendship and love. The choral music album reminds us to take care of and be thankful for relationship at home, the bond between believers, our interations with our neighbors , and our most precious friend - Jesus.


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1. My Heart Is Longing for Christian Love SHZ 207

2. Behold This Love, Beloved Children SHZ 416

3. Again the Lord Reminds Us SHZ 195

4. Dear Friend, Abide in Zion! SHZ 206

5. I Long to See My Travel Friends SHZ 191

6. Our Native Land Is Far Away SHZ 539

7. When Crossing the Wilderness SHZ 469

8. O Jesus, Lift Us Little Ones SHZ 459

9. Follow and Serve the Harvest Lord SHZ 413

10. All Gifts From God, Our Father, Come SHZ 463

11. The Greatest Gift Is Love SHZ 417

12. You Have Received a Gift SHZ 252

13. All Gifts That We Receive, Lord SHZ 251

14. We Thank the Heavenly Father SHZ 257

15. Our Hearts and Souls, O Father SHZ 350

16. Jesus Is My Friend Most Precious SHZ 281

17. Lord of Glory, Lord of Heaven SHZ 412

18. The Peace of God Be With You! SHZ 218

19. Blest Be the Tie That Binds SHZ 219

20. Precious Friends, May God Be With Thee SHZ 217


20 Songs

Director: Leanna Fredrickson

Published July 2018

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2018

CD #53 From Heart to Heart, There Love Abides

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