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Jesus is our Good Shepherd who takes care of His sheep. Many songwriters and composers through the centuries have been inspired to write and compose of the Shepherd who leads and guides us in our life and faith and tends to our needs. This LLC choral album contains 20 songs on this theme, including songs of Zion and other selections, sung by Finnish, American and Canadian singers that met at LLC’s International Choir Camp, held in Washington in July 2022. Viena Kontkanen and Liisa Keranen conducted. In our gentle Shepherd’s care, we truly lack for nothing.


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1. When Jesus, Through Faith, Is My Savior SHZ 549

2. The Lord's My Shepherd SHZ 371b

3. Sing, O People of the Lord SHZ 349

4. I Truly Lack for Nothing

5. Sheep May Safely Gaze

6. I Am Jesus' Little Lamb SHZ 452

7. Psalm 23

8. He Shall Feed His Flock

9. Oh, Children, Hearken to the Calling Savior SHZ 473

10. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us SHZ 484

11. In Youth What Wondrous Blessedness and Beauty SHZ 475

12. I Recall the Day of Rapture SHZ 315

13. Jesus, Gentle Shepherd, Keep Me SHZ 375

14. What Shall Lambs Be Ever Lacking? SHZ 369

15. O Shepherd of the Sheep SHZ 269

16. The Grace of God Abundant SHZ 192

17. Oh, Remember, Lord Most Holy SHZ 182

18. Precious Friends, May God Be with Thee SHZ 217

19. The Benediction

20. The Peace of God Be with You SHZ 218


20 songs

Directors: Viena Kontkanen, Liisa Keranen

Recording Venue: Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA

Published March 2023

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2023

CD #70 Gentle Shepherd

Excluding Sales Tax
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