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This 2-CD set includes all the opening and closing songs from the Songs and Hymns of Zion hymnal. Detroit organist plays the 33 hymns on the pipe organ at Concordia University in Ann Arbor. These CDs provide pleasant listening, but are also meant as accompaniment for singing at home or in gatherings or services, where an organ or accompanist are not available. Learning new or unfamiliar tunes is a benefit, too.


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01 God Himself Is Present SHZ 153

02 Come With Us to His Temple SHZ 154

03 The Lord Is in His Temple SHZ 155

04 Now As Thy Children Gather Here SHZ 156

05 Lord Jesus, Though But Two or Three SHZ 157

06 O Gracious Lord, Uplift Us and Bear Us SHZ 158

07 In Zion's Temple I Shall Stand SHZ 159

08 Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now SHZ 160

09 Your Dwelling Place Is Dear SHZ 161

10 Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word SHZ 162a

11 Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word SHZ 162b

12 O Lord Jesus, Move My Spirit SHZ 163

13 Come, Savior Dear, with Us Abide SHZ 164

14 We Bless Thy Name, Immanuel SHZ 165

15 Built on a Rock, God's Kingdom Stands SHZ 166

16 All Blessing, Honor, Thanks, and Praise SHZ 167

17 Our Father, Thou in Heaven Above SHZ 168

18 Now Our Worship, Sweet Is O'er SHZ 210

19 Almighty Father, Bless the Word SHZ 211

20 O Holy Spirit, Grant Us Grace SHZ 212

21 O Lord, Thou, Shepherd of Thy Kingdom SHZ 213a

22 O Lord, Thou, Shepherd of Thy Kingdom SHZ 213b

23 O Lamb of God on Calvary SHZ 214

24 The Moment of Our Parting SHZ 215a

25 The Moment of Our Parting SHZ 215b

26 He Gave His Life, Our Creator and King SHZ 216

27 Precious Friends, May God Be with Thee SHZ 217

28 The Peace of God Be with You SHZ 218

29 Blest Be the Tie that Binds SHZ 219

30 God Be With You Till We Meet Again SHZ 220a

31 God Be With You Till We Meet Again SHZ 220b

32 We End This Day in Jesus' Name SHZ 221

33 Bless Us Father and Protect Us SHZ 222


33 Songs

Recording Venue: Concordia University Chapel, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Published January 2012

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2012

CD #33 God Himself Is Present

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