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This collection of Reformation-era hymns is second in a two-album series, which were created to mark the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. Cokato congregation members of all ages gathered to sing these hymns, accompanied by Courtney Bekkala on organ.


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01 Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven SHZ 270

02 Upon the Cross Extended SHZ 103

03 In My Distress I'm Sighing SHZ 277

04 O Christ, All Grace Supplying SHZ 92

05 Jesus, Gentle Shepherd, Keep me SHZ 375

06 For Me to Live Is Jesus SHZ 267

07 God's Spirit in Me Dwelleth SHZ 368

08 The Will of God Is Always Best SHZ 357

09 I Know a Flower, Wondrous Fair SHZ 172

10 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded SHZ 94

11 Come, Lord Jesus! SHZ 360

12 If God Himself Be for Us SHZ 384

13 Creator, Thy Great Name I Bless SHZ 329

14 All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night SHZ 501

15 God Is Our Maker SHZ 326


15 Songs

Recording Venue: Cokato Laestadian Lutheran Church, Cokato, Minnesota

Published September 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017

CD #49 God Is My Comfort And My

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