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A small group from the southern Minnesota project choir gathered to sing for this recording in late fall of 2021.


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1. Father, Guide Me in Your Truth SHZ 471

2. Dear Youth, You Need Not Journey SHZ 481

3. Grant Me Footsteps of Faith SHZ 477

4. Master, the Waves Are Engulfing and Crashing SHZ 479

5. From Bonds of Sin and Death Now Free Forever SHZ 474

6. O Father, Bless My Time of Spring SHZ 482

7. Remember, Dear Young One, in Worldy Storms SHZ 483

8. Within Thy Wings Enfold Me SHZ 508


8 Songs

Director: Liisa Keranen

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River

Published March 2022

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2022

CD #66 Guide Me in Your Truth

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