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Follow the path of Jesus’ pain, suffering, death and glorious resurrection through familiar songs and hymns of Zion. The Roaring Fork Valley congregation in Colorado sings songs of Lent and Easter.


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01 I Lift My Gaze to Golgotha SHZ 86 

02 Jesus, Sorrowing I See You SHZ 91
03 You Redeemed Me, O My Savior SHZ 79b

04 There Is a Place of Sweet Repose SHZ 83

05 Oh, What Precious Balm and Healing SHZ 87

06 Behold the Tender Bridegroom SHZ 90

07 Oh, Don’t You Remember on Golgotha SHZ 99

08 Come and See Our Savior Suffering SHZ 95
09 O Jesus, Grant, in Faith Always Beholding SHZ 98b

10 The Hour in Gethsemane SHZ 97

11 O Jesus, Thou the Bread of Life SHZ 230

12 O Jesus, Good and Gracious Friend SHZ 237

13 Down the Heavenly Angel Came SHZ 111

14 Like the Golden Sun Ascending SHZ 110

15 Oh, Sing the Song of Easter Day SHZ 116

16 Praise the Savior, Now and Ever SHZ 115

17 Easter Dawns, Our Day of Victory SHZ 106

18 Easter Is Our Day of Great Festivity SHZ 107

19 O Lord, Thou Hast Arisen SHZ 118

20 He Is Arisen! Glorious Word SHZ 109

21 Risen Is Our Sun in Victory SHZ 119


21 Songs

Recording Venue Laestadian Lutheran Church of the Roaring Fork Valley

Published March 2022

(C) Laestiadian Lutheran Church 2022

CD #65 He Is Arisen

Excluding Sales Tax
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