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2018 LLC Winter Services congregational singing.


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1. Blessed Jesus at Thy Word SHZ 162

2. Jesus' Holy Congregation SHZ 199

3. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God SHZ 181

4. Dearest Jesus on Golgotha SHZ 311

5. Lord, at Thy Blessed Mercy Seat SHZ 316

6. The Cross May Be a Burden that We Carry SHZ 355

7. O God, Forsake Me Not SHZ 358

8. None Can Compare, Dear Jesus SHZ 293

9. Jesus, Priceless Treasure SHZ 312

10. Jesus Is My Friend Most Precious SHZ 281

11. Jesus, Lead Our Way SHZ 390

12. My Everlasting Friend I Long to See SHZ 546

13. There Many Shall Come SHZ 405a

14. O Jesus, Keep Our Children SHZ 428

15. O Living Bread From Heaven SHZ 239

16. Oh, If of Jesus I Could Sing SHZ 347


16 Songs

Recording Venue: Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church, Cave Creek, Arizona

Published July 2018

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2018

CD #51 Hear and Bless Our Prayers & Praises

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