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Songs and Hymns of Zion 1.


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1. God Himself Is Present SHZ 153

2. O Christ, Our True and Only Light SHZ 63

3. O Jesus, Grant, in Faith Always Beholding SHZ 98

4. Rejoice, O Flock of Children SHZ 117

5. Day of Wrath and Day of Mourning SHZ 149

6. Be Not Dismayed, O Little Flock SHZ 187

7. All Ye Who Watch on Zion's Wall SHZ 176

8. The Bridegroom, on Golgotha SHZ 194

9. This I Believe and Testify SHZ 200

10. Praise to You, Dear Heavenly Father SHZ 203

11. Jesus, I Would Follow Thee SHZ 225

12. O Holy Lamb of God! SHZ 603

13. Jesus, I Am Pleading for Your Grace Again SHZ 235

14. These Two Have Come, O Gracious Lord SHZ 247

15. You Have Received a Gift SHZ 252

16. The Light of the Sun SHZ 258

17. The Blood of Christ Is Far More Dear SHZ 288

18. Help Me Jesus, Hear My Sighing SHZ 359

19. Immanuel, My Joy and Light SHZ 361

20. Jesus Christ, the Crucified SHZ 419

21. I Turn My Gaze Unto Heaven on High SHZ 453

22. THank You, Heavenly Father, For Giving Us This Land SHZ 536

23. In Heaven Above, In Heaven Above SHZ 586

24. Bless Us, Father, and Protect Us SHZ 222


24 Songs

Director: Matthew Keranen

Recording Venue: Jamsa Kristillinen Kansanopisto, Jamsa, Finland

Published January 2009

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2009

CD #25 Hear the Hymn Ascending

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