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Heavenward is a choral album of songs that speak of our journey toward heaven and the longing we feel to reach our eternal home. Recorded by the Southern MN project choir.


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01 A Song of My Home I Am Singing SHZ 576

02 In a Wasteland Here We Tarry SHZ 562

03 This Precious Lot Was Given Me SHZ 298

04 Oh, When Shall My Dear Bridegroom’s Love SHZ 578

05 From This Land of Grief SHZ 582

06 Heavenward Our Pathway Wends SHZ 593

07 Let Us Endeavor SHZ 142

08 Thoughts of Home e’er Keep Returning SHZ 589

09 With His Blood, the Dear Lord Jesus SHZ 561

10 Oh, What Bliss, Beyond All Measure SHZ 579

11 Oh Blessed Realm of Glory SHZ 569

12 There Are Treasures For Children SHZ 448

13 The Shore of Peace and Beauty SHZ 259

14 My Home in Heaven Waits for Me SHZ 567

15 My Beautiful Home SHZ 574b

16 Free from Sin!

17 The Birds of Heaven Sweetly Sing SHZ 564

18 Joy in Heaven SHZ 587

19 God Be with You SHZ 220b


19 Songs

Director: Liisa Keranen

Recording Venue: Laestadian Lutheran Church of Elk River, Elk River, Minnesota

Published May 2020

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2020

CD #59 Heavenward

Excluding Sales Tax
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