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Recorded at LLC Peace Garden Youth Days in September 2012, this, second CD in a pair of commemorative recordings marking the annual event’s 40th anniversary, features the vibrant voices of hundreds of young people singing with piano accompaniment. This CD’s “live feel” gives the listener the sense of being there. It is comprised of 13 songs from the weekend’s Sunday evening singing session. The recording’s hour of material speaks of the heavenward journey, its joys and challenges, and the need for God’s grace in all of life’s days and phases.


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01 O Lord of Life and Mercy SHZ 400

02 The Cross May Be a Burden SHZ 355

03 O God, as Heaven Sings SHZ 323

04 Now as the World Is Turbulent SHZ 541

05 From God Shall Naught Divide Me SHZ 307

06 Heavenly Father, God of All SHZ 510

07 O Father, Bless My Time of Spring SHZ 482

08 When Crossing the Wilderness SHZ 469

09 Commit Whatever Grieves Thee SHZ 376

10 Oh, How Loving Sweet the Shepherd SHZ 372

11 I Need the Word of Grace Each Day SHZ 300

12 Now Rest beneath Night's Shadow SHZ 506

13 O Christ, We Praise Your Name This Night SHZ 502


13 Songs

Recording Venue: International Peace Garden

Published March 2013

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2013

CD #36 I Need the Word Of Grace

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