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Songs of Advent and Christmas sung by an American choir in Finland in 2001.


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1. Hosanna, Son of David SHZ 01, pre-2008 lyrics

2. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates SHZ 02, pre-2008 lyrics

3. Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People SHZ 06, pre-2008 lyrics

4. A Candle We Are Lighting Now SHZ 11, pre-2008 lyrics

5. Come, All Ye Shepherds

6. Oh Can It Now Be Summer

7. Now Our Christmas Tree Is Ready

8. Again We Keep Our Christmas Fest

9. We Come in Hope, Lord Jesus Dear SHZ 29, pre-2008 lyrics

10. Christmas, Christmas Now Is Here SHZ 51, pre-2008 lyrics

11. The Angels Once Sang of the Triumph SHZ 28, pre-2008 lyrics

12. Children of God, Behold the Child SHZ 32, pre-2008 lyrics

13. The People Who in Darkness Walked SHZ 22, pre-2008 lyrics

14. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming SHZ 19, pre-2008 lyrics

15. O Little Town of Bethlehem SHZ 26, pre-2008 lyrics

16. Silent Night SHZ 24, pre-2008 lyrics

17. What Child Is This

18. Savior of the Nations, Come SHZ 12, pre-2008 lyrics

19. When Christmas Morn Is Dawning SHZ 34, pre-2008 lyrics

20. Lo, Behold the Light Descending

21. O Jesus Christ, All Praise to Thee SHZ 18, pre-2008 lyrics

22. Sing, O People and Rejoice SHZ 36, pre-2008 lyrics

23. Lo! Born Is Our Emmanuel

24. O Jesus, King of Glory SHZ 62, pre-2008 lyrics

25. Now Let All the Heavens Adore Thee SHZ 152, pre-2008 lyrics


25 Songs

Director: Sheldon Ylioja

Recording Venue: Olari Church, Espoo, Finland

Published December 2001

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2001

CD #11 Lo! Born Is Our Emmanuel, pre-2008 lyrics

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