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Songs for the home and family.


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1. O Lord of All Creation SHZ 423

2. A Child Often Teaches Us SHZ 558

3. Before My Birth, Creator SHZ 394

4. Sing to the Lord SHZ 226

5. The Greatest Gift Is Love SHZ 417

6. Lord, Bless This Home SHZ 432

7. Father, Bless Our Sons and Daughters SHZ 246

8. Gracious God, O Lord and Savior SHZ 426

9. How Bless the Man SHZ 427

10. O Jesus, Bless Our Mothers Dear SHZ 424

11. Gracious God, We Pray to You SHZ 429

12. If I Could Sing with Thousand Voices SHZ 335

13. How Good It Is and Sweet, to See SHZ 415

14. Thank You, Lord, For All Your Blessings SHZ 351

15. Heavenly Father, God of All SHZ 510

16. Hear the Little Songbird Sing SHZ 462

17. Savior, Give Me Your Compassion SHZ 366

18. Unless the Lord Has Blessed the House SHZ 534

19. We Gather All in Song Together SHZ 433

20. Remember Me, Dear Father SHZ 490

21. Gracious Lord, You Give to Us SHZ 414

22. We Thank Thee Most Humbly SHZ 437


22 Songs

Director: Ross Byman

Recording Venue: St. John's Episcopal in Olympia, Washington

Published January 2017

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2017

CD #45 Lord, Bless This Home

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