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Youth singing at Toronto Laestadian Lutheran Church on Sunday evening of LLC Toronto Summer Services 2016.


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1. Come With Us to His Temple SHZ 154

2. Morning Dawns as the Sun Arises SHZ 472

3. The Man Is Blest SHZ 175

4. I'm Singing of the Sacred Blood SHZ 295

5. In Zion's Temple I Shall Stand SHZ 159

6. Love For My Savior Fills My Heart SHZ 285

7. How Great Our Father's Mercy SHZ 204

8. Thank You, Father, For Thy Mercy SHZ 344

9. Praise God, O Zion SHZ 202

10. I Want to Sing of the Savior and Lord SHZ 290

11. What God Ordains Is Ever Good SHZ 382

12. Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee SHZ 310

13. I'm Amazed at God's Creation SHZ 524

14. Oh, If of Jesus I Could Sing SHZ 347

15. I Thank Thee, Heavenly Father SHZ 493

16. How Boundless, Lord, Is Your Measure of Grace SHZ 296

17. Whom Do I Have in Heaven Beside You SHZ 364

18. Now I Thank Thee, Jesus SHZ 284

19. The Lord, My God, Be Praised SHZ 331


19 Songs

Recording Venue: Toronto Laestadian Lutheran Church, Cookstown, Ontario

Published September 2016

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2016

CD #42 My Joy Will Ring Forever

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