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Songs of Canada as sung by a small choir in Finland.


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1. O Canada

2. Harvest

3. Ode to Newfounland

4. Saskatchewan Song

5. Voyager Song

6. In My Birch Canoe

7. Indian Summer

8. My Own Canadian Home

9. Canada, We Praise Thee

10. The Wind

11. Land of the Silver Birch

12. A Canadian Boat Song

13. The Riders of the Plains

14. Be Strong, Ye Sons of Canada

15. Bluenose

16. At Saint Malo

17. I Love You, Canada

18. Un Canadien Errant

19. Farewell to Nova Scotia

20. The Last Post

21. In Flanders Fields

22. The Centennial Hymn

23. The Maple Leaf Forever

24. God Save the Queen


24 Songs

Director: Sheldon Ylioja

Recording Venue: Olari Church, Espoo, Finland

Published July 2006

(C) Laestadian Lutheran Church 2006

CD #22 My Own Canadian Home

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